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International monitoring

We know the challenges of expatriation; move and have to find a quality resource. No need to worry! In the event of relocation, travel or illness, or even with time differences, your child will be continuously followed up by our professional staff.

Online monitoring

We utilize the interest of new generation’s technology to comfort of your home and respect your routine. We notice that the child’s independence and motivation would increase for learning.

Personalized and regular monitoring

The intervention will be tailored to fit the needs and interests of your child depending on the objectives. The child’s learning pace and the way they learn will be is respected and determine how the most effectively the intervene will be designed for them.

We provide weekly follow-up to make a real progress and encourage the child’s motivation for learning. Duration and frequency of sessions are depending on your child needs.

Confidential monitoring

Our specialists are bound by professional secrecy. Our platform is secure and confidential.



« We have been with Aideor for the past year. Eugenie and her team have been an excellent support for my son’s schooling. With the current global pandemic situation and Distance Learning for children in the world, AIDEOR and Eugenie, with the tools they have put in place, continue to help my son remotely. We are very happy with her and the team. All the best, always. »

Tanya, mother.

If your child would like to :

How Aideor can help you :



Just like the consultation to doctor for preventing physical discomfort, we recommend that you consult with us as soon as there is a doubt about your child’s learning to prevent any academic difficulties.

We use educational games to develop executive functions, language skills and self-confidence, for example, while promoting the dimension of pleasure, of course.


This is an opportunity to learn effective working methods, which will follow your child until his professional life, or to have support in a specific subject that allows him to strengthen his confidence in his academic abilities.


Our orthopedagogues first assess the student’s obstacles in the area of written language, logical-mathematical reasoning, and psychomotor development in order to draw a portrait of his strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, and mathematics. The evaluation is focused on cognitive strategies and processes.

Following the evaluation, the orthopedagogue can recommend the following according to each person’s needs:

– advice for parents to apply certain procedures at home (parental guidance);

– ideas for teachers in order to adapt the activities in the classroom context;

– the implementation of school reinforcement (teacher, school coach);

– an intervention on the learning strategies which are consistent with the student’s learning challenges, these aiming to correct or compensate for the difficulties identified;

– an additional assessment or follow-up by another specialist (speech therapist, orthoptist, psychologist, neuropsychologist), in order to confirm the hypothesis of the disorder identified;

– a consultation with a doctor, when a significant amount of relevant information is gathered, so as to make a diagnosis on a particular disorder.


We suggest that you remedy the temporary and persistent difficulties of the child, whether they are formally diagnosed with a particular learning disability or not, by using the skills of educational specialists, speech-language pathologists, and psychologists.


Our specialists answer questions from parents and teachers who are looking for concrete resources and tools to better adapt their action.



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