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    Does your child have a learning disability or special education needs?

    Don't wait any longer! Entrust it to AIDEOR's remedial educators. Since 2018, we have been helping many students around the world to compensate for their academic difficulties. Success is possible for your child too!

    All about theremedial education services

    The Association Des Orthopédagogues du Québec (L'ADOQ) has established a reference framework of professional competencies related to the practice ofRemedial professionals. It defines the profession as follows: "remedial education services is a field of intervention and applied research whose purpose is the evaluation and intervention of learners who are likely to have or have learning difficulties, including learning disabilities.

    Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Help for students from French-speaking expatriate families

    Theremedial education services :
    The solution for academic success.

    Do you feel lost when faced with your child's learning difficulties? You don't know who to turn to in order to help your child succeed at school? 

    We are here for YOU!

    Your child, like everyone else, has the potential to succeed. Regardless of their academic difficulties or learning disabilities, together we will find ways for them to reach their full potential.

    Don't wait any longer! Take a closer look at your child's needs. We have designed a form for you.

    Access to help, everywhere.

    Are you lacking resources around you and looking for expertise to address learning difficulties or disabilities? Rest assured, we help students all over the world. We are equipped and familiar with online intervention with students in the French and Quebec school systems.

    We integrate our specific methods and techniques through the challenges of expatriation and bilingualism as well as cultural differences.

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     Are you looking for solutions to promote the inclusion of all your students in school ? Do you want to increase the success rate and improve teaching conditions for your teachers?

    Dare to distinguish your school by offering frequent training to your teachers and interventions adapted to the needs of your students.



    Do you want your child to have positive experiences that are adapted to his or her learning profile so that he or she reaches his or her full potential?

    Don't wait any longer for your child to improve according to his or her abilities and learn winning strategies in a fun way and in accordance with his or her needs.  

    Who are we?

    AIDEOR is a team of speech therapists who intervene without borders, since 2018, and is founded by Ms. Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier, a French-Canadian Remedial professionals , expatriate in Japan after multiple destinations.

    Our expertise helps your child grow and flourish through learning, despite academic difficulties or learning disabilities. Yes, your child can succeed, too. 

    We fly to you, all over the world and thanks to technology, to reach you and offer you a professional resource so that your child shines through his or her school career.

    Integrate tele-orthopedagogy
    in your school

    Reducing school drop-out
    We act as early as possible, through prevention and screening, to limit any suffering at school. Pupils are placed at the centre of their learning and are accompanied towards the development of their full potential, maintaining their motivation at school.
    Promoting better conditions
    We provide concrete and realistic ways to enable greater pedagogical flexibility. Our training and ongoing collaboration make a difference in teachers' practice and in meeting the needs of all students. As a result, professional motivation and a sense of professional competence are enhanced.
    Providing the best possible opportunities for success for all students
    Opt for our expertise in effective teaching practices to help your students reach their full potential and thrive through their learning.

    Why trust us?

    Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Distance learning support for students from French-speaking expatriate families

    Professional expertise

    Rest assured: all of our speech-language pathologists have a university degree to practice atremedial education services and undergo ongoing professional development to ensure effective teaching and learning practices that are proven by research, and to see the sparkle in your child's eyes.

    Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Distance learning support for students from French-speaking expatriate families

    Positive experience

    Your child is placed at the center of his or her learning, in a playful and interactive context that stimulates his or her motivation for school tasks, because our interventions are adapted to the interests of the new generation through the use of technological tools.

    AIDEOR Online Tutoring | Distance Learning for French-speaking expatriate students

    Successful expatriation

    You have found the solution to your frequent moves; the situation in which your child is growing up is taken into account. We have experience with the challenges your child faces: integration, the language of the host country, the culture and the school system. We adapt and find solutions according to your reality.

    Learning in small group

    It's a simple option: you book the interventions a la carte, one by one, depending on the skills your child needs to achieve.

    Your child will progress in a context of interaction with other international youth to foster cooperation, motivate them, and teach them new strategies and ways to succeed. 

    Do you see any signs of a learning disability in your child?

    Would you like our professional opinion?

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    AIDEOR promotes the development of all children in their learning process by intervening in their school and family environment.

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    Eugénie, university trained in Quebec as Remedial professionals, of French origin and expatriate for more than 10 years, will listen to you and find "tailor-made" solutions with you, according to your situation and your needs. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a Remedial professionals or a headmaster, contact us so that we can move forward together for the benefit of reaching the full potential of all children.