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Our Values


We respect the child as a whole, including them for the design of their learning environment and their generation’s preferred means of communication. In this way they feel they are understood and placed in conditions suitable for learning.

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We respect:

  • the child’s rhythm in their routine and in own speed of learning.
  • your child’s educational background. We are here to support them, taking into account of their experiences so far.
  • the environment impact that as avoid photocopies and transportation


We intervene to progress your child’s learning. We need them to participate.

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We will develop the tailor-made strategies for each child, which will have to be applied at home with your help as well as at school during the week.

We share our observations, strength and weakness. We take in consideration on your family life events and circumstances for whatever might be influenced to your child’s education. This way we can help each other and communicate regularly, work together for your child to progress quickly, and fully experience a feeling of academic success.

Positiveness and determination

We emphasize the concept of making effort and support your child to remain positive and determine to improve for their learning.

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Every child will go through a difficult time during growing up, and as you all know, how you feel and deal with those challenges is different from their background and many other factors. At the same time, these are things that child can draw a good element from the experiences and important to find positive things.

We are here to support your child to learn how to overcome the learning difficulties as well as motivate them to be successful, so that they can have a positive school life without academic problems, and not depressing period of time of their life.


The founder and director of Aideor, Ms. Eugenie Pettigrew Leydier, was trained in teaching of Academic and Social Adjustment at the University of Quebec. In her fourth and final internship in the university, Ms. Ginette Gagnon, who is passionate and experienced in the educational remediation, supervised and promoted her for this educational remediation as a profession which undertake individual remediation needs and cognitive learning process to find specific solution for learner’s learning obstacles. 

After certified in educational remediation, Ms. Leydier worked in the different continent and countries: Canada, France, Benin, Australia, South America, and currently in Asia. She helped many children with different kind of learning obstacles such as dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, autism, and so on.

Prior to establish Aideor, Ms Leydier always worked at French schools and in partnership with those schools to help teachers to understand and developed tailored program for their learning disability student to accommodate their leaning needs in their classes, such as allowing them to use computer for testing, and so on. In Lycee Francais de Manille, she established a program for students with a special educational need to implement the vision of universal design of learning which includes student and collaborates with parents and various stakeholders. 

During these works, she learned that expat parents are struggling to find good quality and consistent educational materials. She could relate these challenges of expat parents based on many years of her own experiences of living in abroad. She also understands that multi-stakeholder partnership encompassing child, parents, teacher, and learning specialist, for the child with learning disability is even more challenging. Her desire to support student in such circumstances to be able to achieve academic success became very strong.

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She participated two weeks training program, organized by the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE), she met teachers who works for French Lycees in different countries. The majority of teachers expressed expressed a need for resources for their students with special educational needs. She was inspired and developed the idea of creating an online multi-disciplinary center.

In September 2018, Ms. Leydier founded Aideor PTE. Ltd., in Singapore to provide multi-disciplinary learning support for child who needs a special program, by using qualified resources, understanding the prevention requires time, and assessment and intervention in school learning.

Today, many parents and caregivers from different places, such as Quebec, France, Spain, Singapore, Manila, and Jakarta trust Aidoer and use our service.

Ms. Leydier has a strong will to help all students to achieve academic success, and turn expatriate life is a rich and positive experience rather than restrictive and difficult. Her motto is “there is no limit for an academic development due to the place of residence!”.

Our approch

We value a consultation process with parents to develop the most suitable team member for their child needs. In some cases, we may recommend an assessment to identify the child’s academic level and areas for improvement. When parents contact us based on the information provided, the evaluation methods will be chosen, such example can be various playful tasks like drawing a portrait to understand what part of executive functions are used and functional.

All of our specialist recognizes the child’s strengths, so that they can build learning skills on the strength and overcome the weakness.

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It is important for us to understand how the child’s brain is working and functioning while the child is learning. We would make the child to learn when they are playing in pleasure, and not in cautious, so they can speak in confidence.

In remedial teaching (orthopedagogie), we assist the child to develop metacogtnition by having child to do a playful activity initially to help them understand the expectation of school activity, transferring what they learned from it, and applying it to a school activity.  

Although we provide tutoring service in separate line of service, our learning support service is a very different from ‘homework help’ like tutoring. It involves reformulation, active listening, modeling, the implementation of strategies, explicit teaching, and etc. Some of our professional team members are trained to practice mental management, such as positive pedagogy or Natural Language Processing (NLP) strategies.

We are prepared to offer multi-disciplinary approach, therefore our team includes teachers, speech therapists, psychologists as well as school and parental guidance coaches.

Your child will be consulted with appropriate specialist depending on the child’s need, your request, or the result of remedial education assessment.

In some cases, we may suggest to work with multi-disciplinary team, for better adaptation to the child’s situation, in order to benefit from the respective specialty in each area to best support your child towards his academic success.


Our belief

We believe that preventing any learning delay and stimulating the development of executive functions from early age, which are fundamental for learning and useful in everyday life.

In terms of academic success, mastering the language and experiencing well-bring are essential.

We are here to enable academic development and respond to the child needs in a precise and professional manner, taking into account the child as a whole.

We are convinced that your child needs to be flourished by having fun in learning, being respected on their learning tendency and level of academic, and good self-confidence. Our services are varied and made to support the child to make their own decisions (cognitive, behavioral, etc.) in a conscious manner.

We believe in the possibility of academic success for anyone, because we have seen real progress on many of the students we supported.

When the child shows the sign of any weakness and these weaknesses are taken care by the appropriate specialist and proper method such as involvement in a metacognition process, consideration of their social environment and educational background, and family and school to follow the recommendations, the support will lead to the success.

Our mission

 We approach to the educational support needs of French-speaking children who live abroad in a multidisciplinary manner and use technological tools. This way we can provide the follow-up service in consistent quality, high reliability, and sustainability by certified professional regardless of geographical location.

We acknowledge that the expatriate parent’s workload is often increased and quit busy. We are here to offload and allow children to acquire good learning methods.

We hope that every student, regardless of the learning background, will enjoy learning and they will be able to transfer their learning from one context to the other. We work with specific methods, depending on the child’s personality, educational background, strengths and weakness, interests, so on.

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