Accompanying a dyspraxic child

How can I help my dyspraxic child as a parent?

Accompanying a dyspraxic child

A child with dyspraxia has multiple difficulties that affect his or her daily life at school and at home. Dyspraxia in children is a disorder that worries many parents.

If this is the case for you, this article will be very helpful! Read it from beginning to end to discover some simple tips on how to make your dyspraxic child feel valuable again, despite his daily difficulties.

Simple tips to help your dyspraxic child experience success despite his disorder

Your dyspraxic child is not the only one in the world! So don't fall into the trap of imagining that it is only him/her who complains about school and that everything is difficult!

However, your child does have intellectual abilities! By discovering his difficulties, you can now help him to overcome them. You can encourage your child to excel and succeed in the tasks that interest him. In this way, he will be able to do well in certain areas; value him in those contexts of full success!

What daily practices can you apply for your dyspraxic children?

There are small things you can do for your dyspraxic child to help him/her overcome any difficulties. These are:

  • Find clothes that are easy to wear,
  • Remove all fragile objects from the immediate environment,
  • Find games that don't put him in a difficult situation
  • Be patient with him and understand that he has difficulty coordinating his movements,
  • Lighten their schedule, as they often get tired from trying to do well

By applying these practices, you will undoubtedly be able to contribute to your child's self-esteem. However, you can also read about other very important practices in the book 100 ideas to help dyspraxic students. There you will find what you need to do to make your child feel good, despite his dyspraxia.     

Who are the famous people who suffer from dyspraxia?

We told you it's not just your child who suffers from dyspraxia, right? Here are some celebrities who are dyspraxic. They include:

  • Stéphane Plaza, a French TV host, revealed that he suffers from a neurological disorder, dyspraxia, on May 14, 2020. It turns out that he has been suffering from it for several years!
  • Albert Einstein,
  • Jean Dujardin,
  • Tom Cruise,
  • Daniel Radcliffe,
  • Cara Delevingne,
  • Johnny Hallyday
  • Steven Speilberg

You can build on these beautiful models to know that your child, despite his dyspraxia, will be able to have a fulfilling professional life. It is possible and to make it happen, prevent and intervene now!

How to help your dyspraxic child to live with his disorder ?

Simple tips to help your dyspraxic child

By following our tips and practices above, you can make your dyspraxic child feel valued.

However, to expect the best change, Helpor has professionals with years of experience in the field. Contact them to help your dyspraxic child regain his or her core values.

Aideor will give you an intervention using technological tools. Your child will probably be more successful in learning by using a computer and certain software.



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