World Day

of dys

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Organized by AIDEOR

October 8, 2022

Dys disorders: more than a reality in the West

The number of children diagnosed with dyslexia has increased considerably in recent years in the West. DYS disorders, essentially related to language and learning, affect a growing minority of students, and also adults.

In France alone, it is estimated that over 600 ,000students havedyslexiaand over 3million adults live with dyslexia (Montarnal, 2012). We mustthen focus onthesepermanent difficulties thathaverepercussions on theacademic leveland, later, on the professionallevel ,in asociety wherewriting has a prominentplace.

We note that, in the family and school environments, many parents and education professionals express the need to be informed andequipped to deal with this reality.

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World Dys Day of Dys : A new event

Don't miss this day which is available in replay all over the world from now on. It's 9 hours of conferences! World DYS Day was organized to raise awareness and to equip parents who have a child with dysfunction. You will learn effective strategies that can be easily and concretely implemented in your daily life with your child.

The more informed you are, the better you will be able to understand what your child is going through and the better you will be able to support him/her in his/herlearning process.

Come and listen to specialists of dys disorders specialists who are all over the world!!!

Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier

Orthopedagogue B. Ed.


Occupational Therapist







Corinne Truffier


Nathalie Bertrand

Adult dysfunction coach

Anne-Marie Lecuyer

Digital Advisor

Chantal Legault

Clinical Orthopedagogue

What will you learn on this World Dys Day World Dys Day?

You will leave this event reassured and full of hope for your child's future, because YES, with dyslexia, it is possible to succeed!

World DYS Day - Helpor

The activities and bonuses you will have in book as well as in replay:

Several activities will be held in conjunction with thisWorld Dys Day, to the delight of all participants.

About the organization

World DYS Day was conceived and is organized by Eugenie Pettigrew-Leydier, the founder of AIDEOR

AIDEOR is a team of university-educated speech therapists in Quebec who are taking effective teaching and learning practices on the road through tele-orthopedagogy.

As a result, many French-speaking students with learning disabilities who attend school around the world regain their motivation and enjoyment of learning, experience a boost in self-confidence, and achieve better academic performance, for long-term positive impacts in their family and social spheres.

October 8th programming

Mark your calendars: October 8 from 9am to 6pm (Paris time)

Theme: Development Fees

Time : 3H - Quebec City time | 9H - Paris time | 16h - Tokyo time

Speaker: Laurence Cruciani 

I am an attorney who specializes in advocating for people with DYS disorders, and their families. People with DYS have rights - the right to compensation, to equal opportunities, to adapted schooling and employment, etc. - which in France require MDPH recognition, which has become very legal. - In France, these rights are recognized by the MDPH, which has become very legal, hence the increased role of the lawyer, both in the preparation of files, and in the framework of appeals, and in the protection of the child.

I will take the time to explain everything clearly!

Theme : Dys path (accompanying parents of ebep)

Time : 4H - Quebec City time | 10H - Paris time | 17H - Tokyo time

Speaker: Sophie Garbi 

How do expatriate families build a ParcoursDys with all the recommendations of specialists (therapists, teachers, doctors) while ensuring a family, social and professional balance? From the first warning signs to the diagnosis, but also the organization of therapeutic care, the siblings' viewpoint, budgetary choices, meetings with the educational team, drug treatments, moving, the parents' professional choices, the challenges of the social life of a DYS child, the teaching arrangements, the importance of long-term support... How do we organize all these decisions?

Sophie GARBI represents the family's voice in the care of Dys children. She organizes regular meetings with families, taking into consideration the specific conditions of each one. Her personal experience has led her to develop a very good knowledge of Dys issues in expatriation. In 2016, she opened the FFDys correspondent office for the French abroad. Currently based in French-speaking Switzerland and recognized by professionals as an expert parent, she regularly collaborates with Swiss French-speaking associations and foundations and platforms. specialized in the French-speaking world.

Theme: Supportive Environment for Dys Students

Times: 5:00 am - Quebec City time | 11:00 am - Paris time | 6:00 pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Julia Poulain

I will explain that the environment is very important, sometimes much more than the technique (which also counts!). Love, appreciation, acceptance of mistakes, flexible and benevolent support, contact with nature, regulation of the nervous system, the bond of attachment... These are notions, taken from simple everyday examples, which transform the child in the face of learning and his difference.

Theme : The computer, a great tool to help dys

Hours: 6:00 am - Quebec City time | 12:00 pm - Paris time | 7:00 pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Christel Ortis | Founder of Facil'Ordys

During this conference, I will present the profession of occupational therapist, then I will talk about the different digital solutions for children with a dys disorder. Finally, I will present the facil'ordys learning method to learn how to type!


Theme : Live my life as a dys

Hours: 7:00 am - Quebec City time | 1:00 pm - Paris time | 8:00 pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Corinne Truffier

During this conference-workshop, you will put yourself in the shoes of a "Dys" child. You will "be" dyslexic, dyspraxic or dysexecutive. After this experience, you will better understand what dys children go through and will be better equipped to accompany them.

Theme : Don't touch my dyslexia

Times: 8am - Quebec City time | 2pm - Paris time | 9pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Nathalie Bertrand

Having a Dys difference may seem like a condemnation; it is in fact another way of being that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the 21st century. I share with you my discoveries, my observations while proposing useful ideas to accompany your child towards success.

Theme : Brain : Instructions and tools

Times: 9am - Quebec City time | 3pm - Paris time | 10pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Chantal Legault

Different" brains: homeschooling behaviors, tools and methods for success, how to make them self-sufficient, the nightmare of homework and exams, and the importance of an intervention plan.

Theme: Discovering teleorthopedagogy, for rehabilitation at home... as if you were traveling!

Times: 10:00 am - Quebec City time | 4:00 pm - Paris time | 11:00 pm - Tokyo time

Speaker: Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier | Founder of AIDEOR

Come and discover that, no matter where you are, it is possible to get effective help for your children through tele-orthopedagogy; learning strategies, interactivity, school adaptation... In short, you will learn about this profession that has so many positive impacts on students with dysfunctional disorders.

Theme: Compensatory technology tools

Times: 11:00 a.m. - Quebec City time | 5:00 p.m. - Paris time | 12:00 a.m. - Tokyo time

Speaker: Anne-Marie Lecuyer

What if we analyzed how to intervene, observe and accompany our child with dys disorders effectively?

Help your child accept his dysfunction!

9 hours of free content for parents! 

Buy the entire conference replay until November 15, 2022 for only $25 / about 20 euros.

A huge thank you to the speakers who generously offered their time and expertise. Thank you also to all those who participated in this beautiful day to make it a unique event!

copyright Aideor2023

See you for the 2nd edition in 2023!

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