Training courses in GOLD for teachers in your school

Do you want to improve teaching practices in your school and increase the sense of professional competence? You have come to the right place to find answers to your needs and, above all, to see positive impacts on your students.

Our training courses allow you to ask all your questions according to your experience, your knowledge, your practice and your current problems. A feedback and interaction is guaranteed.

Technological tools for student guidance

The use of reading and writing software helps to motivate pupils to practise their written language and to access information. The Lexibar software, for example, helps both beginner readers and students with reading difficulties or reading acquisition disorders.

Our ongoing training courses teach you how to guide your students in using the software effectively. You will be able to tune certain functions of the software to the needs of your students and the objectives they are targeting.

Effective teaching practices

Several studies show that explicit teaching, transactional teaching of strategies or even reciprocal teaching enable students to acquire concepts better. Cooperative learning is also a good way to place the student at the centre of his or her learning for greater mastery of the material.

Your learning will be immediately transferable to your classroom context and you will quickly see positive impacts

Differentiated teaching

Educational differentiation allows you, as a teacher, to achieve a proactive learning environment that will promote the success of all your students. 

Our training courses allow you to reflect on your practice and to differentiate your content, processes and productions according to the preparation, interests and learning profile of your students.

In this way, your management of the heterogeneity of your class will be favoured, leading all your pupils to a greater participation in their success. This is a key to the universal design of learning.

Screening and Prevention

Nearly 20% of children have difficulties at school, the causes of which are many and often unknown in the case of specific learning difficulties, which account for about 5% of children (one per class). Prevention and screening must therefore be carried out by all teachers in order toact as early as possible: appropriate re-education, educational adaptations, professional support, etc. 

Our trainings allow you to better understand learning difficulties and disorders and, above all, to better understand their repercussions on the students and the classroom context. Thus, we help you to better identify and adopt a different posture in your already caring approach. 

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AIDEOR provides French-speaking schools with effective interventions that allow for tailor-made support to promote school inclusion, improve teaching practices and optimise the overall success rate of their school.

Discover all the angles of tele-orthopedagogy


Identify needs

We screen middle and high school students for spelling difficulties.


Having a healthy school

Together with teachers, we prevent learning difficulties from an early age.


Achieving specific goals

In the intervention block, the pupils build their learning in small groups (maximum 6 pupils) according to a structured progression.


Recent capacity assessment

We help you to complete your MDPH and National Education exam accommodation files.

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Eugénie, university trained in Quebec as Remedial professionals, of French origin and expatriate for more than 10 years, will listen to you and find "tailor-made" solutions with you, according to your situation and your needs. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a Remedial professionals or a headmaster, contact us so that we can move forward together for the benefit of reaching the full potential of all children.