Who is offering GOLDEN HELP...thopedagogy to your children?

You will find here a team composed of GOLDEN people as much in their knowledge as in their know-how; passionate, qualified and experienced GOLDEN pedagogues, who are endowed with great human values and an immense open-mindedness, with a deep desire to HELP.

Do you have questions about the emphasis and the curriculum? Don't worry; the entire team is trained to make your child self-sufficient and successful in his or her learning, by adapting to your child's school program, communicating in a way that he or she understands, and taking an interest in his or her life context.

Tele-orthopedagogy: an expertise of theremedial education services globe-trotting

With AIDEOR, each Remedial professionals has his or her own area of expertise, according to the training taken in professional development, allowing for precise rehabilitation according to your child's needs and avoiding waiting lists . Whether it is to help a learner who has difficulties in written language, in mathematics or to make the link from one information to another, together, the beauty of the team is to have an even wider field of competences. Most importantly, you'll get help even when you're in another country.

During the tele-orthopedagogy interventions, theRemedial professionals best qualified according to your child's needs, takes flight to make him/her experience rewarding learning situations that allow him/her to progress at his/her own pace and in his/her own way. Rest assured that we are equipped to act professionally from a distance; this is our daily business.

Speech and Language Pathologists AIDEOR

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The international benchmark for academic success for French-speaking students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Our tele-orthopedagogues fly to you to bring our effective teaching and learning practices to your child so that learning remains a pleasure. 

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We are always open to receiving applications from qualified speech-language pathologists who wish to make a difference in the learning success of French-speaking students internationally.

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Speech and Language Pathologists AIDEOR

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AIDEOR promotes the development of all children in their learning process by intervening in their school and family environment.

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Speech and Language Pathologists AIDEOR