Small Group Orthopedagogy

Have you tried everything and your child is still struggling to succeed in school?
Enroll your child in interventions at remedial education services.


From beginner to expert reader

Decoding, fluency, understanding and more.


From the beginnings of writing to the writer

Syllables, lexical spelling, agreement, proofreading, sentence and text structure.

Reading & Writing

When reading and writing go hand in hand

Read to write, Write to read better!


From manipulation to science

Calculate, count, solve a problem, memorise formulas.

Executive functions

The foundations of learning

Memory, concentration, behaviour, attitude, frequent forgetfulness, fatigue.

Technology tools

Adapting for better success!

Note taking, written language (Lexibar), using the keyboard effectively

Review strategies

The art of revision!

Memorization, mental image, organization, reformulation.
Frequently asked questions

No, there is no contract in grouped interventions. These are interventions without obligation.

Each group intervention is created for a maximum of 5 students. Interventions take place even if the group is not complete.

When you register, you will receive a zoom link. On the day of the intervention, at the time you have registered, you will connect to the link you have received.

The intervention is planned over an hour, including an introduction, content, games, reinvestment and goodbyes.

You can reschedule the meeting free of charge, 72 hours before. To do so, contact us at : . If you have exceeded the deadline, you can transfer this credit as a discount coupon for the purchase of an individual intervention.

You can reschedule the meeting free of charge, 72 hours before. To do so, contact us at : . If you have exceeded the deadline, you will still receive the documents free of charge for the intervention of the house.

The invoice for the grouped interventions will be sent to you directly after payment.

Speech and Language Therapists are used to heterogeneous group settings and are experts in differentiation. If your child feels out of place, we invite you to talk to us and we will find solutions.
If the same block of intervention was offered at a time that suited you, and there was space, it would be possible to change groups.

Speech and Language Therapists know how to put students in a comfortable context, as we ensure that students are in winning learning conditions so that they progress at their own pace and reach their full potential.

What parents think of AIDEOR

"Camille was able, with your support, her learning and efforts, to overcome her difficulties and get into the job market. Good luck for the future to all the other students who are in the same situation!"
"My three children benefit from AIDEOR's support in maintaining a good level of French while attending American school. I appreciate the serious yet relaxed approach of the classes provided."
"My son really likes the sessions. It's great that the service is online, so even if I'm not in the Philippines I can still use it. Well done, a very professional, quality, responsive service and knowledgeable people."
Karl's mother

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