Our teleorthopedagogy rates

Offering your child ORthopedagogical Assistance is a long-term gift, a lifelong investment, whether it is an individual or group intervention or a assessment in remedial educational needs.
Choose from our different plans, depending on your child's needs.

Pricing of interventions individual and grouped

Our expertise travels to your home, to help your child regain pleasure and confidence in their learning. To do this, there are different plans available to you with different payment frequencies.



I save money!

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Individual interventions Flexible Plan

Plan for parents who want to enrol their child without a monthly direct debit.

72 €

Per session with the purchase of 5 sessions

Individual interventions Faithful Plan

Secure my child's place all year round and save money.

233 €

per month - for 1 child
or 2 € / year

(Payment in 2 instalments)

Individual interventions Family plan

Guarantee help for my children all year round and save money.

416 €

per month - for your children
or 4 € / year

(Payment in 4 instalments)

Grouped interventions

20 €

per intervention - for one child

They are designed to help your child achieve a specific, clearly identified objective, in groups of 5 students who are international.

Your child will therefore build his or her learning in a dynamic ofopenness to the world, using different playful and interactive means.

Individual intervention - Discovery plan

Plan for parents who want to discover the positive impacts of our expertise.

75 €

Per session / child

Individual Interventions - Faithful Plan

Boosting my child's academic success at a low cost.

295 €

Per month - for 1 child

Individual Interventions - Family Plan

Boosting my children's academic success at a lower cost.

495 €

Per month - for your children

Grouped interventions

20 €

They are designed to help your child achieve a specific, clearly identified goal in groups with other students internationally.

Your child will therefore build his or her learning in a dynamic ofopenness to the world, using different playful and interactive means.


Request for quotation

Don't know what to choose?

Can't find the right plan for you and want to share your needs and situation to request a customised offer? Talk to Eugenie now and get a package that is perfectly suited to your child's learning challenges.

Assessment orthopedic

Orthopedic assessment

Would you like to get a picture of your child's abilities and find out what difficulties he or she has? It's time to start an assessment process.

375 €

Frequently asked questions

This is possible, depending on your insurance company and/or mutual insurance company. In most cases, you will need a letter of need; we can write one for you (fee 25 USD). Please note that AIDEOR PTE LTD is registered as a company that legally provides school and medical sides. We encourage you to check with your insurance company!
Please note that depending on the country you are in, it is possible to obtain a tax deduction when theremedial education services is prescribed by a doctor or a practitioner who is a member of a professional order (speech therapist, psychologist, psychoeducator).

Yes, you will receive an invoice after payment has been received, within 48 hours at the most.

It is possible to pay online, directly on the website, by PayPal, by credit card (STRIPE) or by bank transfer (Wise or direct manual transfer).

There is no commitment on the discovery rate. There is a monthly or annual commitment if you choose the monthly or annual offers. Direct debit is automated depending on the payment method at the start. A contract is sent to you to inform you of the general terms (cancellation policy, image rights, etc.)

If there is a major fault on the part ofRemedial professionals and your child did not enjoy the experience, we will refund the session. Please note that this has never happened!

Once you have paid online, you will receive a confirmation and be directed to the creation of your member area. You will receive the contract to sign and, in some cases, an anamnesis document (to find out more about your child's background).
Then, two situations are possible: we will meet by videoconference or, if we have already met, you will be put in touch withRemedial professionals to start according to the oral agreement.

In the contract you will find more details. In short, you can move your meeting, without incurring any costs, during a notice period of at least 24 hours. In the case of a monthly or annual payment, the meetings must take place during the term of the contract. In general, we are quite flexible, but we also take the planning of the professionals to heart.

An insurance receipt can be issued, upon request, for an additional fee of $10 and after the intervention (child's presence).

When registering for a block of interventions, the payment corresponds to 8 or 12 meetings, depending on the choice made. When you are absent, you will receive a brief detail of what has been done and what is to be completed. There are no refunds or rescheduling of meetings. Please note that in order to receive the abbreviated group intervention report, the child must have attended at least 75% of the interventions.

If your child has already acquired the skills to be in the chosen intervention block, or, on the contrary, if he/she does not have the skills to follow the interventions, we will move him/her to another intervention block, so that he/she progresses in a pleasant way and according to his/her needs and abilities.
If there is no intervention block that corresponds to him (offered in the month), you will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis.

What parents think of AIDEOR

"Camille was able, with your support, her learning and efforts, to overcome her difficulties and get into the job market. Good luck for the future to all the other students who are in the same situation!"
"My three children benefit from AIDEOR's support in maintaining a good level of French while attending American school. I appreciate the serious yet relaxed approach of the classes provided."
"My son really likes the sessions. It's great that the service is online, so even if I'm not in the Philippines I can still use it. Well done, a very professional, quality, responsive service and knowledgeable people."
Karl's mother

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