GOLDEN interventions for the success of your child

You want your child to be less tired from school. You want your child to get the results that match his or her efforts.

Aideor is the solution for your child. He will learn how to "cope" with his academic difficulties or learning disability. 

There are solutions, through effective practices fromremedial education services, and he will find them during the interventions. 

ORthopedagogical support for expatriate students

Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Distance learning support for students from French-speaking expatriate families

International proximity

The bond of trust is essential.
In the event of expatriation, travel or illness, AIDEOR ensures regular intervention for your child, taking into consideration the time zone. We adapt to your situation, your country of residence and your culture. Opening up to the world is one of our priorities!

Use of technology

Personal involvement and intrinsic motivation are the keys to success. AIDEOR uses the stimulating and infinite contribution of technology and the digital world through its interventions to promote your child's learning.

Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Distance learning support for students from French-speaking expatriate families

Professional intervention

Continuing education is an integral part of our professional code of ethics. Our approach, our means of intervention and our reflections, in spite of the university training of our remedial teachers, are consolidated by new research and anchored in the French school system.

How do we help your child?

You will see that our expertise is put to good use in your child's progress, through a direct link with him/her, and also through the communication that takes place around him/her.

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Here, your child is in good hands to make progress in his or her learning and reach, at his or her own pace, his or her full potential.

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Listening to needs

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Effective interventions

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Assessment orthopedic

At remedial education services, we complete a remedial assessment, which provides you with a picture of your child's abilities, strengths and needs. It allows us to observe the processes and strategies used, as well as the knowledge and skills mastered.

Our assessment is rather qualitative and allows us to make interpretations and a complete analysis. It also serves to confirm a hypothesis of disorder or not.

Our report is very useful for health specialists to clarify their assessments beforehand and for teachers to make adaptations in the school.

Our areas of intervention

Your child needs help with reading, writing, math, organization, planning, concentration and memory. It is our expertise to help your child learn and succeed.


Progression from novice to expert reader, according to individual pace and interest


Non-specific processes: Inferences, Macroprocesses, Microprocesses, Relation marker, Anaphora, Specific processes: Identification of written words (logographic, alphabetic, orthographic, morphographic form), Text base, Syntactic analysis


Learning, relearning and consolidating writing skills in a fun way


Writing and metacognitive strategies, Writing planning, texting, Syntax, lexical and orthographic spelling, spelling regularities, Mnemonic strategies and memory aids


Playing with numbers and calculations to form the basis for future learning


In problem solving context, Sense of operations, Sense of number, Sense of geometry, Fractions

Executive functions

Working memory, Inhibition, Cognitive flexibility, Planning

Cross-cutting to learning

Switching from one instruction to another (without confusing the instructions), Remembering an instruction, Mobilising actions according to the context, Listening, paying attention, concentrating Plan, anticipate, predict and evaluate behaviour, Regulate emotions, Get on task, get active

Technology tools

Use the computer effectively in classroom and assessment contexts

Special education

Effective use of the functions of a reading and writing software (Lexibar), Note taking in class, Organising material on the computer, Saving documents (synchronisation), Session for assessments

Learning in small group

In our grouped interventions, your child progresses in an interactive context with other young people internationally in order to promote cooperative learning, to solicit greater motivation, to learn new strategies and new ways to achieve even greater success according to their needs (and not according to age or school level) and to allow greater accessibility due to the lower cost ($20 per intervention per child)

Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Help for students from French-speaking expatriate families

Register your child

AIDEOR provides French-speaking expatriate families with "tailor-made" online interventions that help each learner reach their full potential, always taking into account their situation.

Collaboration with teachers

Our role, as Remedial professionals, is also to help teachers realise that they are the first people to act with learners who have learning difficulties and disabilities. We equip them to identify early problems and then to differentiate their teaching accordingly. This makes students more engaged and motivated, as their teachers are able to understand them better and adapt quickly to their needs. The implementation of accommodations is, at this point, much more effective, giving these students the opportunity to succeed at their own pace.