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To increase self-confidence, improve language skills, increase academic performance, and a sense of academic fulfillment are the results of the various services we offer, as online professionals internationally at AIDEOR. 

Take advantage of this opportunity in GOLD, which is the french meaning of ‘’OR’’ from our name AIDEOR, by selecting the service that meets your child’s needs. 

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Details and price

Enriching the language used at school gives your child better conditions for success

If your child is facing language difficulties, whether he is:

  • French-speaking, attending an international school;
  • Non-French speaking, attending a French school;

We have the appropriate tools to enable your child to improve their oral and written language skills in connection with their academic learning.

Fun throughout the sessions is guaranteed!

Offer your child this GOLDEN opportunity to succeed at its true value.

  • French or English, foreign language (child):  40USD
  • French or English, foreign language (teenager and adult): 50USD
  • French, native language (written): 50USD
  • French IB (initio, HL, SL): 60USD
  • French College and High School (Brevet and Bac): 60USD


Details and price

By having stimulated and developed executive functions, a learner becomes the master of his learning.

When learners know how their brain works, they are able to understand their behavior, reactions and decisions. They can self-correct and apply their learning to school tasks.

As a parent or teacher, if you notice that the learner is having difficulty getting on task (activation), executing a double instruction (working memory), organizing his or her materials (organization), dealing with conflict (self-regulation of emotions), resisting stimuli (inhibition), or staying on task (attention), it is time to give him or her some golden support that will benefit your child’s professional life.

In remedial education, we are experts in teaching effective methods, such as making a list of tasks (prioritizing, classifying), using the calendar (electronic if necessary), breaking down a long task into several tasks (planning), etc. Therefore, with impulsivity reduced, learners can develop the ability to change from one strategy to another (mental flexibility) which will lead to increased self-confidence.

Remedial teaching session: 75USD


Details and price

Mathematical reasoning, solving mathematical problems, carrying out a mathematical process, the meaning of numbers and operations, the concept of fractions, etc.

The expertise in remedial education can be found, among other things, in mathematics rehabilitation. We frequently have to “deconstruct, to rebuild”. Indeed, the remedial teacher will go back to what is understood and then add concepts according to the pace of the learner. If your child has difficulty solving mathematical problems, developing his sense of number and operations or imagining the concept of fractions, for example, contact us. We will restore his confidence and find strategies for success.


Details and price

Better decoding and encoding is important to avoid cognitive overload.

The expertise of remedial education lies in the knowledge and experience of written language rehabilitation. Through our specific techniques, we help the learner to improve reading fluency, text comprehension and phonological awareness. We work with the learner to develop automatisms or apply strategies, in an autonomous and meaningful way, so that he/she can remedy his/her difficulties in reading or writing syllables, words, sentences and texts.

A software program, such as Lexibar, can be used according to the objectives. Through such methods, learners will not only increase their writing to dictation ability but also will develop a solid foundation to build their learning in the long term.

  • Re-education in orthopedagogy: 75USD
  • Orthopedic assessment: 150USD 


Details and price

As remedial educators, we aid in the process of collaboration between parents and professionals (teachers, speech therapists, etc.). We also have an advisory role regarding teaching methods, learning processes, etc. 

As a parent, if you observe conflicts during homework for example, we would be able to help you experience success with your child. 

As a principal or teacher, for the benefit of your learners; academic success, if you would like to learn more about the preventive signs of academic difficulties or the accommodations that can be put in place to address certain difficulties, we are the resource for you.

  • Coaching session with parents: 75USD
  • Coaching session in a school setting: Customized quote according to your needs


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Remedial teaching

Convertisseur de devises

Speech therapy

To meet your child’s needs, he must have :

 a computer

an Internet connection

 a quiet, confidential and learning-friendly room

**The additional tools may be required (for example: tablet, headset, protective glasses with ultraviolet rays, reading and reading aid software writing, etc.) depending on the needs. The professional assigned to your child will discuss this with you.



“You know me, words are not my strong point, I’ll try.

You taught me how to be better organized, you taught me revision techniques (color coding for example) that I still use to this day. You motivated and encouraged me to work when I was a defeatist. You were doing all this in a good mood. You were always willing to do extra work for me (extra hours, printing documents at school, etc.) 

You found my way of learning and adapted to it.

I didn’t feel like your “client” because you genuinely cared about my success. I got my degree because of you.

I loved your positivity, your patience, the effort you put in (sometimes more than I did), your availability at all times, and your personalized learning method.

I would recommend you to any struggling student”

Alexis Desvaux, age 17