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As part of the screening project, you are experimenting with a diagnostic assessment approach to spelling skills in middle and high school students. The tool used has been validated by research and is considered a predictor of academic success. With the portrait of the strengths and weaknesses of each of your students, you increase their chances of academic success.

Origin of the project

The idea of offering a screening for lexical and grammatical spelling difficulties to middle and high school students comes from our desire to help BEFORE school suffering sets in and to act to reduce school dropout.
The entire AIDEOR team is committed to this massive screening process because we believe that all students can succeed to the best of their abilities by receiving the help that is adapted to their needs.
Screening is to identify in order to better act!

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Screening for spelling difficulties

Spelling screening is carried out efficiently thanks to artificial intelligence (recording of all traces of the pupil's attempts in the database). Thus, difficulties are precisely identified and categorized to direct tele-ortho-pedagogical interventions according to clearly identified needs. Screening consists of the student : 

Positive impacts

In a plurilingual context, as is the case for most students in French schools abroad, it is all the more interesting to note the successes and identify the widespread difficulties. 


This is a relief because appropriate help is offered according to identified needs, which have long been hidden.


There is a new look at what is needed and how to intervene with students, and not just in "French", because writing is involved in several subjects.


An overview of the pupils' spelling abilities and difficulties is provided. Pupils with difficulties are helped even before they want to drop out.

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Implement our pilot project in your school

You will get a "picture" of the lexical and grammatical spelling errors (a graph showing the types of errors) of your middle and high school students. Sometimes surprises happen! Some students, who you would not have thought were in 'difficulty', are, because they compensate and invest a lot of effort (too much) to complete a task.

This is why it is so important to screen students to avoid finding them failing, demotivated and losing self-esteem.

It is also to better intervene, by forming intervention groups on a targeted objective, with effective means according to their clearly identified needs. Of course, teachers have access to this data to get involved in the process. We collaborate!

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Having a healthy school

Together with teachers, we prevent learning difficulties from an early age.


Achieving specific goals

In the intervention block, the pupils build their learning in small groups (maximum 6 pupils) according to a structured progression.


Recent capacity assessment

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