Since 2018, we have been helping many French-speaking students in schools around the world with academic difficulties or learning disabilities to regain their motivation and enjoyment of learning, experience a boost in self-confidence, and achieve better academic performance for long-term positive impacts in their family and social spheres. 

AIDEOR Online Tutoring | Distance Learning for French-speaking expatriate students

Tele-orthopedagogy : theremedial education services globe-trotting

You benefit from our ambulatory mission: we take flight virtually, to the very heart of where your child lives and learns.

We address the lack of access to professional francophone resources to help all students with learning difficulties or disabilities to grow and to fill their learning gaps.

Technology is at your child's service, and our expertise travels to you!

The Aideor approach

You are on a journey towards your child's success.

Here, you are listened to about your child's needs, in all their wholeness. The context in which your child is growing up is important and we consider the factors that influence his/her learning.

The Aideor dynamic means learning through games and interactive activities, according to the needs analysis and the rehabilitation plan.

Imagine that your child with dysfunction, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or high potential (HP) is active in his learning. This is where he or she will develop strategies to wait for their goals.

Our values

Aideor is a team of orthopedagogues who want to see your child progress and learn with pleasure.

Learning disabilities | AIDEOR - Our values


As remedial teachers, we have altruistic skills, listening skills, tolerance, patience, curiosity, observation, adaptation, flexibility and simply, a desire to HELP. Our university training has provided us with the techniques to intervene in a professional manner, but at the core, our remedial teachers have their hearts on their sleeve and the world to discover.

Learning disabilities | AIDEOR - Our values


At remedial education services we communicate with you, parents and teachers. We move forward together to live the most beautiful journey: to meet the greatest progress of all learners, in a learning community, in consultation, according to precise data of the performance of each one.
Thanks to our platform, all information is ordered and confidential, so that we have a transparent and global vision of the evolution of all learners.

Learning disabilities & learning difficulties | Distance learning support for students from French-speaking expatriate families


We believe that everyone can reach their full potential with perseverance and effort. A positive vision, enjoyment of learning, constructive and rewarding feedback, effective teaching practices and adapted intervention techniques make it possible for all students to succeed, at their own level and pace. During our interventions, we look for that moment of "magic", when the sparks are in our students' eyes!

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AIDEOR promotes the development of all children in their learning process by intervening in their school and family environment.
AIDEOR Online Tutoring | Distance Learning for French-speaking expatriate students

The founder, in brief

Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier is a French-Canadian, mother, expatriate in Japan and Remedial professionals.

She gets up in the morning with the same goal in mind: to make a difference in the educational journey of children with academic difficulties and learning disabilities.

Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier had a lot of difficulties at school. Through her company, she wishes to sow a seed of happiness in learning and to bring effective practices, in the service of school development, so that you avoid wasting time .


September 2018

Creation of AIDEOR in Singapore, by Ms. Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier, French-Canadian

AIDEOR Online Tutoring | Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier
August 2022

Registration of AIDEOR in Quebec, for a greater development of aid in remedial education services internationally

The AIDEOR Story

The founder of AIDEOR, Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier, is French-Canadian. She was trained at the University of Quebec in Rimouski, in the four-year full-time program "Enseignement en adaptation scolaire et sociale" and has successfully completed her four internships, the last of which was a four-month internship in remedial education services, under the direction of Ginette Gagnon (internship master) and Dr. Jean-Francois Boutin (internship supervisor). She is an active member of the Association Des Orthopédagogues du Québec.

Since 2012, Eugenie has worked as an expatriate in Canada, France, Australia, Paraguay and the Philippines, helping many children with learning difficulties and disorders such as dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysgraphia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD and autism. She has also helped students with a diagnosis of high potential to better understand their strengths and difficulties, and thus to be more successful in their academic tasks.

Eugenie was involved in the creation of a centre for students with special educational needs (EBEP) at the Lycée Français de Manille, under the direction of Jean-Marc Aubry and Cécile Dionne. 

During a two-week professional training course, organised by the Agence pour l'Enseignement des Français à l'Etranger (AEFE), Eugénie met teachers who were practising in different French Lycées abroad around the world. Many of them expressed the potential of the role ofRemedial professionals for the progress of all students.

Due to :

    • Her interest in linking her two origins, Eugénie wishes to practice her profession, which is recognised in Quebec, with students who are educated in French schools abroad;
    • Eugénie wishes to adapt to the situation of expatriation of the pupils by continuing the support in remedial education services, at a distance, with the partnership of the parents, without geographical limits. 
    • With her big heart, wanting to help all pupils, Eugénie wishes to integrate tele-orthopedagogy in French schools abroad, in order to work in collaboration with the teaching teams and to limit the costs of intervention.


The idea of the "remedial education services globe-trotting" was born. This is how AIDEOR was registered, in September 2018, in Singapore. A whole team is gradually being built and growing, according to the demands. 

AIDEOR began 2018 by innovating towards a better way to help all French-speaking students progress internationally: tele-orthopedagogy to help parents find answers to their child's needs by connecting them with experts in effective teaching practices.

Our mission to create rewarding and fun learning environments for students to experience greater academic growth has taken us much further. As a result, we have become the benchmark in caring education where schools of all sizes and French-speaking families around the world meet our remedial educators every day to make incredible progress.

Like so many others, AIDEOR has had a big impact on my life. I built the project and I still have a place in the team, which is being built over the years. I understand the added value we bring: the confidence that everyone can improve and succeed at their own level.

We are seeing remarkable progress.

I see the passion, commitment and pleasure that each Remedial professionals puts into their telepractice. Whether it's interventions, training or meetings, our remedial teachers act with heart and professionalism because they love to see their students marvel at their progress.

In fact, we have designed the network in this way: our remedial teachers prioritise the objectives that the students must achieve, taking into account each student's situation (needs, abilities, influencing factors, etc.), so that they can develop at their own pace and according to their interests, wherever they are.

AIDEOR is your solution.

If you are a headmaster who has come here to find ways to help your students and teachers even more, use the expertise of our remedial educators. You will see changes in teaching and learning practice quickly and transform the current dynamics of your school. If you are a parent who has come here looking for the resource that will help your child reach his or her full potential, know that you have struck gold.

We promote school inclusion.

We understand your needs and those of your students, and all the effort we put into meeting them has a real positive impact, building your virtual network of experts in learning and differentiated instruction.

The impact is both academic and personal, day to day and long term. When you find the right resource, you stop struggling to help your child and your students who understand differently, and you start to make a difference in their lives, allowing all those wonderful buds to bloom.

This is when a real opportunity arises.

I can confidently say that the AIDEOR administrative team - the team that accompanies you, dear parents and headmasters, and dear remedial teachers - is always motivated by our mission to create winning learning opportunities for our French-speaking students around the world.

You are our partner and collaborator now, and we are happy that you are here.

We look forward to seeing all this great progress for our future generation.

Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier
Orthopedagogue, Director and Founder of AIDEOR

AIDEOR's mission

Enable your child with an academic or learning disability to reach his or her full potential, regardless of where you are, by taking into account the context in which your child is growing up, his or her abilities and needs. 

An international reputation

Many of you have voted for Eugénie. She is the winner of the Public Prize of the Trophées des Français à l'étranger 2021, sponsored by Banque Transatlantique.

Imagine that your child is accompanied by this team that gives pleasure back to learning. Your child has the right to succeed, too. 

AIDEOR Online Tutoring | Diagnostics

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