All teachers have a university diploma allowing them to practice in a particular subject; French as a foreign language, French, mathematics, etc.

They are ready to do prevention and school reinforcement. They are patient and kind.


All school coaches have certification and experience to support students. 

They are ready to intervene and support parents. They are optimistic and ensure that concrete actions are put in place, within a limited time.

Speech therapist

All speech-language specialist have a diploma in speech-language pathology, issued by a French-speaking university.

They are ready to prevent, to intervene and to assess. They are precise and dynamic.



All psychologists have a diploma in psychology, issued by a French-speaking university.

They are ready to assess and respond. They keep professional secrecy and show themselves to be listening, without judging.


All orthopedagogues have a diploma in teaching in school and social adaptation or in orthopedagogy, delivered by the Ministry of Education of Quebec, or a certification delivered by the school of Orthopedagogy of France, Belgium or Liban.

They are ready to assess and respond to your needs. They are creative and constantly trained to keep up-to-date on current practice.



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